Forecasting & Planning

Effectively managing clinical trial supplies is a dynamic and complex task, especially in the face of rapid changes. Calculating the required amount of study drug becomes deceptively intricate, particularly for global or complicated trials, or when dealing with expensive or scarce assets.

I offer assistance in proactively planning a robust strategy to optimize costs and minimize waste, ensuring the seamless delivery of supplies throughout the study. Whether your needs require simple management tools or advanced simulation techniques, I can provide guidance tailored to your trial’s unique characteristics.

Key Areas of Support:

Forecasting for Optimization: Strategically forecast the quantities of study drug, comparator, or ancillaries. Evaluate central and regional depot inventory levels and overages.

High-Level Supply Strategy: Develop a comprehensive supply strategy to address the unique demands of your clinical trial.

Quantities of Study Drug, Comparator, or Ancillaries: Assess and determine the optimal quantities required for the study, considering global or complex trial dynamics.

Central and Regional Depot Inventory Levels, Overages: Analyze and manage inventory levels at central and regional depots, incorporating overage considerations.

Packaging Runs, Labeling Strategy, Timing, and Quantity: Provide guidance on packaging runs, labeling strategies, and optimal timing and quantities to meet study demands.

In navigating the intricacies of clinical trial supply management, my proactive approach aims to anticipate challenges and create a seamless and cost-effective supply chain. I can advise on the suitability of simple management tools or recommend advanced simulation techniques based on the specific needs of your trial.

Core Services

  • Manufacturing & Labelling Clinical Supplies

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  • Interactive Response Technology (IRT)

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  • Vendor Oversight

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  • Distribution & Logistics

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  • Inspection Readiness & TMF

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