Distribution & Logistics

Distribution and logistics in clinical trials are integral to managing the movement and storage of investigational products and clinical supplies throughout the trial process. Effective management is crucial for ensuring the timely and efficient conduct of clinical trials while upholding the quality and integrity of investigational products and supplies.

I offer assistance in planning a robust distribution strategy to guarantee the availability of adequate supplies in the right regional locations throughout the study. This involves setting up logistical pathways, obtaining and maintaining import/export permits, and addressing compliance items—all of which require time and expertise. The selection of appropriate container systems is also crucial to protect the contents during transit, ensuring that expensive or fragile investigational products arrive in good condition and fit for use.

Key Services:

Distribution Planning: Developing distribution plans to optimize the flow of investigational products and supplies to trial sites, minimizing costs and avoiding delays.

Storage and Warehousing: Ensuring proper storage conditions for investigational products to maintain their integrity and stability throughout the trial period.

Shipping and Transport: Organizing the shipment and transport of investigational products and supplies to trial sites, laboratories, and other locations as needed.

Customs Clearance: Managing customs clearance procedures for international shipments to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and timely delivery.

Temperature Control: Monitoring and maintaining appropriate temperature conditions during storage and transport, particularly for temperature-sensitive products like vaccines or biologics.

Quality Assurance: Implementing quality assurance measures to verify the accuracy and integrity of distribution and logistics processes. This includes batch tracking and reconciliation to ensure a comprehensive quality control framework.

By providing support in these areas, I contribute to the seamless execution of clinical trials, ensuring that investigational products and supplies reach their destinations with precision and maintain the necessary quality standards.

Core Services

  • Forecasting & Planning

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  • Manufacturing & Labelling Clinical Supplies

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  • Interactive Response Technology (IRT)

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  • Vendor Oversight

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  • Inspection Readiness & TMF

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